Bonfire Beach Fire
Brimstone Hail Hell
Charcoal Kiln Wood
Coal Peat Pressure
Comet Ice Space
Explosion Fire Pressure
Fire Hydrogen
Fire Gunpowder
Hydrogen Lye
Time Time Bomb
Fire Spark Straw
Fireworks Colours Gunpowder
Gunpowder Night Sky
Gas Plankton Pressure
Gasoline Chemistry Petroleum
Glow Phosphorescence Radiation
Heat Air Fire
Friction Movement
Fire Gunpowder
Potassium Water
Quicklime Water
Fire Tree
Hell Fire Infinity
Lava Eruption Volcano
Limelight Fire Quicklime
Magma Earth Fire
Meteor Fire Moon
Gravity Shooting Star
Napalm Gasoline Jelly
Neutron Star Explosion Star
Petroleum Plankton Pressure
Plasma Electricity Fire
Pulsar Magnetism Neutron Star
Pyrotechnics Concert Fire
Shooting Star Movement Star
Solar Flare Explosion Sun
Spark Flint Metal
Star Space Sun
Sun Fire Gravity
Supernova Explosion Star
Wildfire Fire Forest


|- | </tr> |- | |game |metal </tr>


Alloy Metal Metal
Aluminum Can Recycling
Ash Volcano Air
Boulder River Stone
Bronze Game Metal
Chalk Time Shell
Chlorine Salt Electricity
Clay Stone Wind
Copper Stone Age Metal
Diamond Coal Pressure
Dust Water Fire
Flint Chalk Pressure
Fossil Stick Mud
Glass Sand Fire
Gold Philosophers Stone Metal
Graphite Diamond Time
Kryptonite Superman Mineral
Lead Half-Life Uranium
Lime Limestone Kiln
Limestone River Stone
Lye Ash Water
Marble Limestone Pressure
Metal Stone Fire
Mineral Stone Chemistry
Moon Satellite Planet Earth
Mud Water Earth
Peat Mire Fern
Planet Earth Earth Gravity
Platinum Copper Electricity
Plutonium Uranium Radiation
Potassium Lye Electricity
Pumice Lava Vapour
Quartz Silicon Oxygen
Quicklime Limestone Heat
Rust Metal Water
Sand Stone Wind
Sand Castle Castle Sand
Sandstone Sand Stone
Satellite Stone Gravity
Shale Quartz Clay
Shell Plankton Stone
Silicon Sand Electricity
Silver Game Metal
Slate Chalk School
Sodium Salt Electricity
Soot Chimney Fire
Stalactite Cavern Drop
Stalagmite Stalactite Drop
Stone Earth Pressure
Tin Can Recycling
Uranium Uranus Metal
Volcanic Rock Lava Water


Acid Rain Rain Smog
Bleach Water Oxygen
Bubble Fart Water
Deeps Ocean Pressure
Delta River Sea
Deluge Rain Rain
Dew Grass Cold
Drizzle Cold Fog
Drop Water Gravity
Flood Rain Mud
Frost Grass Ice
Hail Ice Storm
Holy Water Priest Water
Ice Cold Water
Icicle Drop Ice
Lake River Earth
Maelstrom Whirlpool Rotation
Ocean Sea Sea
Pearl Oyster Sand
Pond Lake Earth
Poseidon Sea King
Precipitation Rain Snow
Rain Cloud Drop
River Water Movement
Sea Water Water
Snow Rain Cold
Snowball War Snow
Snowman Snow Man
Tides Moon Sea
Water Salt Snow
Waterfall River Gravity
Waterspout Tornado Sea
Wave Wind Sea
Well Hole Water
Whirlpool Tides Rotation


Atmosphere Algae Sun
Blizzard Storm Snow
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Breathing
Cloud Air Water
Cold Wind Air
Currents Ocean River
Fog Cloud Gravity
Geyser Volcano Water
Heaven Air Infinity
Helium Star Fusion
Horizon Earth Sky
Hurricane Tornado Ocean
Hydrogen Water Electricity
Levanter Wind Sunrise
Lightning Cloud Cloud
Methane Gas Swamp
Mistral Roman Empire Wind
Night Sky Constellation Constellation
Ostro Wind South
Oxygen Water Electricity
Ozone Oxygen Oxygen
Pollution Sea Petroleum
Poniente Wind Sunset
Rainbow Rain Light
Sirocco Wind Desert
Sky Night Sky Sun
Smog Fog Smoke
Smoke Fire Water
Sonic Boom Sound Explosion
Steam Fire Ice
Storm Wind Rain
Sun Dog Rainbow Cold
Thunder Cloud Cloud
Thunderstorm Thunder Storm
Tornado Storm Storm
Tramontane Wind North
Vapour Heat Water
Wind Air Movement


Astronomy Planet Earth Movement
Atom Tunnel Microscope
Atomic Energy War Fission
Attraction Magnet Metal
Big Bang Explosion Space
Biology Chemistry Life
Black Hole Gravity Light
Chaos Hurricane Butterfly
Chemistry Water Electricity
Circle Compass Pencil
Climate Currents Precipitation
Clockwise Rotation Clock
Coriolis Effect Water Rotation
Counter Clockwise Clockwise Time Machine
Cryptography Secret Mathematics
Cube Square Space
Cylinder Circle Space
Dark Matter Space Shadow
Darkness Black Hole Light
Digit Mathematics Symbol
Doppler Effect Movement Sound
Echo Sound Cavern
Electricity Cloud Cloud
Electron Atom Chemistry
Event Horizon Time Black Hole
Faraday Cage Car Static Charge
Fibonacci Mathematics Tree
Fission Uranium Impact
Fractals Mathematics Drawing
Frequency Wave Time
Friction Pressure Movement
Fusion Pressure Atomic Energy
Galaxy Star Star
Gravity Earth Earth
Half-Life Radioactivity Uranium
Infinity Time Time
Ion Atom Electron
Larsen Effect Echo Echo
Light Fire Space
Line Point Point
Magnetism Electricity Metal
Mathematics Tides Astronomy
Molecule Atom Atom
Movement Time Space
Nebula Supernova Cloud
Neutron Atom Chemistry
Noise Sound Sound
Periodic Table Atom Table
Perpetuum Mobile Infinity Movement
Phosphorescence Chemistry Light
Photon Light Quantum Physics
Physics Movement Philosophy
Plane Line Infinity
Point Basket Chicken
Pressure Air Gravity
Probability Predictions Betting
Proton Atom Chemistry
Quantum Physics Particle Accelerator Neutron
Radiation Sun Wave
Radioactivity War H-Bomb
Reflection Light Water
Relativity Light Time
Repulsion Magnet Magnet
Revolution Planet Earth Sun
Rotation Movement Wheel
Sound Wave Air
Space Alien Alien
Sphere Circle Cube
Static Charge Friction Glass
Vacuum Air Void
Void Space Space
Weather Forecast Predictions Climate
Wormhole Black Hole Black Hole


Archipelago Island Island
Atoll Island Coral
Beach Sand Sea
Caldera Volcano Crater
Canyon River Time
Cavern Rain Limestone
Cenote Sinkhole Religion
Crater Meteor Planet Earth
Desert Sand Sand
Forest Tree Tree
Glacier Ice Mountain
Iceberg Ocean Ice
Island Volcano Ocean
Jungle Rainforest Heat
Karst Rain Limestone
Landscape Photography Mountain
Mesa Stone Prairie
Mire Pond Moss
Mountain Earth Stone
Oasis Desert Palm
Prairie Grass Grass
Quagmire Mire Peat
Rainforest Forest Rain
Reef Coral Ocean
Sinkhole Well Karst
Swamp Lake Tree
Taiga Forest Tundra
Tundra Desert Cold
Volcano Mountain Magma


Alien Life Space
Arm Apple Money
Bacteria Primordial Soup Time
Beard Hair Goat
Blindness Eye-Patch Eye-Patch
Blood Warrior Man
Bone Decay Corpse
Breathing Life Atmosphere
Castration Uranus Flint
Claw Cat Scare
Cocoon Alien Pool
Corpse Warrior Man
Danger Running Scissors
Death Warrior Man
Egg Stone Life
Escape Labyrinth Thread & Yarn
Excrements Cow Grass
Extremophiles Plankton Volcano
Eye Bull Dart
Fake Death Death Opossum
Fat Resting Cake
Finger Digit Man
Footprint Walking Mud
Genitals Uranus Flint
Ghost Chain Howl
Golem Life Clay
Hair Fur Man
Hand Finger Palm
Head Revolution King
Heart Blood Pump
Hive Insect Nest
Horn Bone Weapons
Howl Wolf Moon
Infection Invasion Bacteria
Leg Apple Money
Life Ocean Lightning
Luck Horse Shoe
Lung Breathing Pump
Mutation Radioactivity Life
Nervous System Sodium Potassium
Nest Bird Tree
Parasite Leaf Insect
Pee Dog Tree
Plankton Primordial Soup Time
Primordial Soup Ocean Lightning
Pulse Blood Rhythm
Resting Running Time
Rib Bone Cage
Running Stick Dog
Scratch Glasses Stone
Scurvy Pirate Time
Sex Man Man
Shadow Tree Light
Shock Skin Static Charge
Shoulder Arm Head
Sickness Man Virus
Skeleton Decay Corpse
Skin Cow Knife
Sleep Resting Resting
Slime Space Ghost
Sting Thorn Skin
Stress Life Pressure
Sweat Skin Heat
Tail Coin Head
Tear Drop Salt
Tickle Feather Skin
Tooth Dentist Tools
Treasure Pirate Gold
Variety Spices Life
Vein Blood Tube
View Mountain Landscape
Virus Man Cold
Walking Man Movement
Web Spider Thread & Yarn
Wrinkle Skin Elder


Ambidexstrous Right Left
Angel Man Heaven
Asthma Mite Breathing
Bald Elder Hair
Beauty Pleasure Mind
Best Friend Man Dog
Betting Horse Circuit
Child Young Toy
Clan Village Village
Clap Palm Palm
Confession Conversation Priest
Conscience Pinoccio Cricket
Conversation Voice Voice
Cry War Voice
Cyborg Man Robot
Daemon Man Hell
Discipline Dog Newspaper
Elder Man Time
Fart Gas Noise
Fine Graffiti Police
Freedom Jail Time
Frostbite Ice Salt
Fun Man Man
Gentleman Man Education
Good Intentions Road Hell
Grave Corpse Earth
Heirloom Money Death
Hyperventilate Breathing Breathing
Insomnia Sleep Fishing Pole
Kiss Bouquet Chocolate
Laughter Comedian Voice
Love Man Man
Madman Straitjacket Padded Room
Man Ape Stone
Mind Thinker Head
Mirage Desert Reflection
Murder Pirate Plank
Nightmare Sleep Scare
Oath Boy Scout Law & Justice
Pain Man Bee
Passion Fire Love
Peace War Contract
Pleasure Freedom Pain
Pride Icarus Sun
Risk Boardgame War
Sacrifice Priest Animal
Scam Heirloom E-Mail
Scare Noise Darkness
Secret Diary Lock
Secret Lover Passion Closet
Selfishness Mine Mine
Silence Space Sound
Sin Fruit Snake
Slavery Man Private Property
Sleepwalking Walking Sleep
Sneezing Breathing Dust
Snoring Sleep Fat
Sunburn Tan Sun
Tan Sun Skin
Torture Electricity Scare
Trash Plastic Man
Vice Game Money
Voice Sound Man
Wish Shooting Star Night Sky
Work Man Machine
Young Time Machine Elder


Abacus Mathmatics Machine
Agriculture Canal Earth
Aqueduct Roman Empire Canal
Armour Clothes Knight
Brick Mud Fire
Building Brick Cement
Canal River Wall
Cement Lime Clay
Ceramic Clay Fire
Clock Time Machine
Coin Metal Money
Compass Magnet Needle
Crop Rotation Calendar Agriculture
Dam River Lake
Engine Machine Movement
Fertilizer Excrements Earth
Firebranding Private Property Cow
Gear Tooth Wheel
Grindstone Sandstone Wheel
Gunpowder Dust Fire
Kiln Oven Heat
Knot Boy Scout Rope
Machine Heat Movement
Masonry Brick Mathematics
Mill River Wheel
Moat Castle Canal
Money Man Work
Navigation Compass Sea
Oven Brick Fire
Paper Cellulose Pressure
Password Secret Computer
Postal Service Letter Travel
Printing Press Machine Ink
Pump Machine Pressure
Sundial Stick Sun
Taxes King Money
Wall Brick Brick
Water Pump Water Pump
Wheel Boulder Tools


Android Defective Robot Smartphone
ATM Machine Bank
Bing Google Time
Blog Internet Diary
Calculator Abacus Machine
Capitalism Private Property Money
Compressed Air Engine Air
Computer Calculator Silicon
Cosmetic Surgery Silicon Doctor
E-Commerce Internet Merchant
E-book E-Commerce Amazon
E-mail Computer Letter
Facebook Black Hole Computer
Fax Telephone Printer
Firewall Internet Wall
Flintlock Flint Lock
Google Yahoo Time
GPS Navigation Satellite
Hydroponics Greenhouse Water
Internet Computer Telephone
Laser Light Electricity
MRI Magnet Medicine
Optical Fibre Cable Light
Particle Accelerator Superconductor Circuit
Penicillin Fungi Medicine
Pixel Point Computer
Plastic Petroleum Heat
Pony Express Postal Service Horse
Private Property Cultivated land Money
Radar Wave Reflection
Radio Sound Machine
Recording Tinfoil Needle
Recycling Environmentalist Trash
Robot Computer Machine
Rubber Knife Palm
SETI Internet Alien
SMS Message Telephone
Software Tools Computer
Solar Panel Battery Sun
Sonar Radar Water
Spam E-Mail Infinity
Spark Plug Ceramic Spark
Steam Engine Steam Engine
Stereo Music Music
Superconductor Cold Magnet
Telephone Message Electricity
Telescope Mirror Lens
Time Machine Time Travel
Twitter Internet Bird
Vaccine Cow Medicine
Xerox Photography Printer
X-Ray Photography Radiation


Architecture Beauty Building
Bagpipe Bag Flute
Ballet Fencing Music
Chinese Shadows Animal Shadow
Colours Reflection Light
Column Stalactite Stalagmite
Drawing Paper Pencil
Drums Skin Wood
Flute Wood Wind
Graffiti Ink Cavern
Guitar Wood Wire
Gulliver's Travels Dwarf Giant
Harp Music Heaven
Hymns Singing Religion
Jewel Volcanic Rock Pressure
Knitting Needle Needle
Letter Paper Ink
Lyre Argonauts Siren
Magic Smoke Mirror
Maracas Coconut Seed
Message Paper Ink
Moai Head Island
Monet Line Painting
Monument Building History
Movies Photography Movement
Mozart Flute Magic
Music Sound Man
Painting Colours Paper
Percussion Stick Drums
Photography Chemistry Painting
Picasso Painting Cube
Pottery Kiln Clay
Rhythm Drums Time
Ring Gold Circle
Sculpture Tools Stone
Seraut Point Painting
Shakespeare Infinity Monkey
Singing Voice Music
Tattoo Ink Skin
The Thinker (By Rodin) Thinker Sculpture
Theater Stage Arena
Tuning Robert Johnson Crossroad
Violin Bow Guitar
Vivaldi Music Seasons


Accademia dei Lincei Royal Society Lynx
Altar Priest Animal
Amulet Religion Jewel
Astrology Astronomy Predictions
Autograph Fan Photography
Bilingual Stone Language
Blues Cotton Singing
Book Paper Thinker
Calendar Tides Astronomy
Cannibalism Barbecue Man
Cards Game Paper
Censorship Fire Book
Chess Game War
Comics Drawing Batman
Constellation Star Astronomy
Contract Work Paper
Cremation Fire Corpse
Cricket Wicket Bat
Crime Good & Bad Money
Croquet Lawn Mallet
Crown Hat King
Curling Ice Broom
Diary Pencil Book
Documentary Life Television
Education Stick Carrot
Fencing Sword Game
Field Trip School Museum
Folklore Village Bonfire
Game Law & Justice Fun
Good & Bad Life Wisdom
Gossip Telephone News
Heavy Metal Metal Music
History Book Time
Hockey Fight Ice Rink
Idol Cow Gold
Inquisition Religion Torture
Jukebox Coin Music
Karaoke Singing Monkey
Language Message Voice
Law & Justice Good & Bad Money
Mascot University Animal
Maya Cenote Village
Medal War Hero
Medicine Bacteria Cow
Military Army Army
Miracle Water Wine
Mummy Corpse Cloth
Necklace Shell Thread & Yarn
News Time Machine History
Nursery Rhyme Salt Tail
Origami Paper Animal
Pastafarian Religion Spaghetti
Philosophy Life Wisdom
Predictions Mathematics Calendar
Quiz Show Game Television
Religion Corpse Earth
Rock'n'Roll Stone Music
Royal Society Music Gulliver's Travels
Sceptre Stick Jewel
School Fish Fish
Sci-fi Fly Man
Sexual Education Bear Honey
Soccer Net Ball
Symbol Philosophy Sign
Table Tennis Table Net
Tarot Prophet Cards
Tennis Table Tennis Earth
Theology Philosophy Religion
Tongue Twister Woodchuck Wood
Toy Game Plastic
Treaty War Contract
Valentine Letter Love
Vassalage Feud Knight
Voodoo Needle Doll
Wisdom Man Time
Yodel Echo Mountain
Zodiac Astronomy Calendar


Alchemist Philosophers Stone Man
Army Warrior Warrior
Astronaut Star Sailor
Band Drums Guitar
Banker Bank Man
Boy Scout Explorer Young
Burglar Thief House
Chauffer Limo Man
Clown Cosmetics Circus
Colonel Elder Army
Comedian Man Fun
Cowboy Man Cow
Dentist Man Pain
Doctor Man Medicine
Double Agent Spy Money
Driver Car Man
Druid Stonehenge Elder
Environmentalist Man Planet Earth
Explorer Navigation Man
Fisher Fishing Pole Man
Fortune Teller Prediction Palm
Gardener Garden Man
Gatherer Hunter Fruit
General Colonel Time
Ghostbuster Ghost Hunter
Government King Time
Hacker Burglar Computer
Hermit Thinker Mountain
Hula Girl Coconut Coconut
Hunter Man Animal
Inventor Thinker Machine
Judge Law & Justice Man
Knight Warrior Horse
Mad Programmer Computer Man
Magician Smoke Mirror
Marines Sailor Military
Mercenary Army Money
Merchant Money Man
Mime Cosmetics Silence
Monk Priest Silence
Musician Guitar Man
Painter Painting Man
Paladin Priest Sword
Philanthropist Man Love
Pilot Airplane Man
Pimp Prostitute Merchant
Pirate Sailor Thief
Playmate Beer Goggles Witch
Plumber Shower Work
Poacher Hunter Private Property
Police Weapons Law & Justice
Pornstar Star Sex
Priest Religion Man
Prophet Predictions Elder
Prostitute Sex Money
Quack Duck Voice
Sailor Man Sea
Scuba Deeps Breathing
Shaman Priest Medicine
Shepherd Man Sheep
Sheriff Cowboy Star
Spy Cloak Knife
Thief Crime Man
Thinker Man Philosophy
Tomb Raider Grave Thief
Veterinarian Doctor Animal
Warrior Man Weapons


Adam Man Leaf
Alcoholic Man Alcohol
Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Government
Arsene Lupin Gentleman Thief
Batman Bat Man
Bedouin Oasis Camel
Beverly Hillbillies Cement Pond
Calamity Jane Disaster Far West
Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Cosmetics
Charlie Brown Circle Head
Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood
Chuck Norris Superman Ninja
Cinderella Glass Shoe
Clark Kent Superman Glasses
Darth Vader Asthma Helmet
Dead Snow White Snow Apple
Desperado Cowboy Crime
Devil Robert Johnson Crossroad
Donald Duck Duck Comics
Dr. Jekyll Potion Good & Bad
Dr. Zoidberg Alien Crustacean
Dude Surfboard Man
Dwarf Beard Mine
Elmer Fudd Hunter Bugs Bunny
Elvis King Music
Erwin Shroedinger Quantum Physics Cat
Eve Adam Rib
E.T. Bicycle Alien
Family Guy Quagmire Television
Forrest Gump Forest Running
Frankenstein Corpse Electricity
Freemasons Masonry Secret
Frosty Snowman Life
Funny Rich Nerd Window Computer
Galileo Galilei Astronomy Inquisition
Gallaghers Oasis Oasis
Garrison Kieller Prairie Voice
Geek Fun Computer
Genie Friction Lantern
Ghoul Corpse Zombie
Grim Reaper Death Sickle
Grinch Thief Christmas
Groupie Sex Band
Hansel & Gretel Gingerbread Witch
Hero Dragon Knight
Highlander Life Infinity
Hippie Man Flower
Homer Simpson Fish Lightbulb
Humpty Dumpty Egg Wall
Indian Man Prairie
Indiana Jones Whip Boulder
Isaac Newton Apple Gravity
Jack Woltz Head Horse
James Brown Sex Machine
Jedi Monk Lightsaber
Killer Queen Laser Dynamite
King Man Sceptre
King Kong Ape King
Linus Pumpkin Blanket
Louis Jordan Jukebox King
Lucky Luke Shadow Revolver
MacGywer Chuck Norris Swiss Knife
Mario & Luigi Plumber Turtle
Marylin Monroe Best Friend Diamond
Men In Black Alien Sunglasses
Mermaid Fish Man
Michael Jackson Moon Walk
Mob Prohibitionism Crime
Monty Hall Probability Quiz Show
Mr. Hyde Potion Good & Bad
Mythbusters Explosion Television
Nerd Fun Chemistry
Ninja Warrior Shadow
Obelix Boulder Fat
Orson Welles Radio Invasion
Otzi Copper Age Mountain
Pamela Anderson Bleach Silicon
Peter Pan Clock Crocodile
Pharaoh Mummy Gold
Pilgrim Religion Walking
Pinocchio Wood Life
Popeye Olive Oil Sailor
Predator Warrior Alien
Prince Deep Purple Rain
Psycho Shower Blood
Rapunzel Balcony Hair
Robert Johnson Delta Blues
Robin Hood Forest Thief
Ronnie James Dio Rainbow Darkness
Santa Man Chimney
Satan Angel Hell
Siegfried & Roy Magician Tiger
Simon & Garfunkel Sound Silence
Smurf Fungi House
Snoopy Charlie Brown Dog
Snow White Dead Snow White Prince
Spiderman Man Spider
Spock Alien Nerd
Superman Man Air
Swedish Chef Basket Chicken
Tarzan Man Jungle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtle
Teenage Ninja Turtles Mutation Turtle
Terminator Robot Time Machine
The Flintstones Flint Stone
The Godfather Olive Oil Feud
The Jetsons Space The Flintstones
Transformers Car Robot
Tree Hugger Tree Environmentalist
Vampire Man Blood
Viking Horn Helmet
Werewolf Man Wolf
William Tell Apple Arrow
Witch Broom Druid
X-Men Hero Mutation
Yoda Swamp Jedi
Zombie Corpse Life


Anvil Brick Metal
Awning Balcony Curtain
Bag Man Plastic
Ball Rubber Sphere
Barrel Petroleum Metal
Basket Weeping Willow Box
Bill Paper Money
Binoculars Telescope Telescope
Blowtorch Gas Fire
Boiler Steam Furnace
Bow Arrow Thread & Yarn
Box Paperboard Void
Broom Stick Brush
Brush Hair Stick
Bucket Box Metal
Cage Metal Zoo
Cane Stick Walking
Cap Bottle Hat
Cauldron Pot Bonfire
Chain Man Private Property
Chair Resting Wood
Closet Wood Clothes
Crank Handle Arm
Curtain Window Cloth
Dish Clay Pasta
Door Probability Quiz Show
Dustbin Box Trash
Feather Bird Scare
Fence Wood Wall
Filter Charcoal Foam
Fire Hydrant Water Pump Fire
Furnace Oven Metal
Gallows Rope Tree
Generator Machine Electricity
Glasses Glass Glass
Hammer Stick Metal
Handle Hand Door
Helmet Armour Head
Hook Pirate Crocodile
Hourglass Sand Glass
Insulator Ceramic Electricity
Knife Grindstone Metal
Lens Glass Sphere
Lightning Rod Lightning Metal
Lock Bicycle Chain
Loom Thread & Yarn Machine
Magnet Magnetism Metal
Mallet Hammer Wood
Microscope Lens Bacteria
Mirror Glass Reflection
Nail Claw Man
Net Thread & Yarn Fish
Package Box Thread & Yarn
Plow Cultivated Land Horse
Pneumatic Tools Compressed Air Tools
Porthole Window Ship
Pot Clay Fern
Pulley Wheel Rope
Quiver Arrow Bag
Railing Stairs Metal
Ruler Yard Stick
Scales Hook Spring
Scissors Knife Knife
Screwdriver Screw Chauffeur
Seal Wax Letter
Shield Armour Sword
Sickle Death Weapons
Sign Message Metal
Spear Flint Stick
Spindle Stick Rotation
Spinning Wheel Spindle Wheel
Stick Tools Tree
Swing Tyre Tree
Swiss Knife Tools Knife
Sword Bronze Age Weapons
Table Plank Chair
Test Tube Blowtorch Glass
Tools Man Metal
Trident Cyclops Neptune
Urn Cremation Pot
Vase Flower Ceramic
Wand Magician Stick
Weapons Tools Metal
Wicket Lawn Mallet
Window House View


Arrow Flint Stick
Barbed Wire Wire Thorn
Battery Electricity Chemistry
Bottle Blowtorch Glass
Bullet Gunpowder Shell
C4 Plastic Explosion
Cable Insulator Wire
Can Beer Metal
Candle Wax Thread & Yarn
Cigar Tobacco Leaf
Cigrette Tobacco Paper
Clip Bullet Bullet
Dart Arrow Blowgun
Dynamite Gunpowder Salt
Fiberglass Glass Thread & Yarn
Film Plastic Pressure
Foam Tan Bikini
Fur Sheep Tools
Gel Jelly Hair
Glue Horse Fire
Grenade Gunpowder Ceramic
Ink Ash Water
Leather Skin Lime
Lightbulb Light Glass
Log Diary Ship
Match Fire Wax
Molotov Bottle Gasoline
Mulch Wood Chipping Garden
Needle Thread & Yarn Metal
Paperboard Paper Paper
Pellet Drop Metal
Pen Feather Ink
Pencil Graphite Stick
Plank Wood Mill
Potion Witch Cauldron
Pykrete Ice Sawdust
Rope Thread & Yarn Thread & Yarn
Sandpaper Paper Glass
Sawdust Termite Wood
Soap Lye Olive Oil
Screw Nail Rotation
Stucco Lime Sand
Tape Film Glue
Thread & Yarn Spindle Cotton
Tinfoil Tin Pressure
Toilet Paper Toilet Paper
Toothpaste Tooth Soap
Torch Stick Fire
Wax Hive Bee
Wire Rope Metal
Wool Sheep Scissors


Amphibian Animal Water
Angler Fish Fish Lantern
Animal Fish Atmosphere
Ant Insect Work
Ape Mammal


Bat Animal Cavern
Bear Animal Forest
Beaver Animal Taiga
Bee Insect Air
Beetle Rock'n'Roll Insect
Bird Egg Heat
Bison Animal Prairie
Black Widow Spider Hourglass
Boar Forest Pig
Bug Software Moth
Bull Cow Arena
Butterfly Animal Rainforest
Camel Desert Mammal
Canary Bird Mine
Cat Animal Egypt
Caterpillar Butterfly Egg
Chameleon Reptile Colours
Chicken Bird Earth
Clam Shell Shell or Mollusc
Cockroach Insect Radioactivity
Coral Sea Stone
Cow Animal Grass
Crab Beach Crustacean
Crocodile Animal Rainforest
Crow Dove Ink
Crustacean Plankton Stone
Deer Animal Forest
Dinosaur Time Machine Reptile
Dog Wolf House
Dolphin Fish Language
Dove Peace Bird
Duck Pond Bird
Eagle Bird Forest
Electric Eel Fish Electricity
Elephant Animal Wisdom
Fish Bacteria Time
Fly Insect Air
Fox Animal Prairie
Frog Amphibian Swamp
Giraffe Camel Leopard
Goat Sheep Mountain
Goose Duck Duck
Grizzly Bear Animal Taiga
Hamster Wheel Mammal
Horse Animal Grass
Hyena Mammal Laughter
Insect Crustacean Atmosphere
Kangaroo Spring Marsupial
Koala Tree Bear
Leech Worm Blood
Leopard Tiger Point
Lion Animal Jungle
Lizard Reptile Wall
Lynx Cat Light
Magpie Bird Thief
Mammal Animal Animal
Mammoth Elephant Time Machine
Manatee Sea Cow
Mandrill Ape Rainbow
Marsupial Bag Mammal
Mite Dust Animal
Mole Blindness Mammal
Mollusc Animal Cloak
Monkey Animal Jungle
Moose Animal Tundra
Mosquito Fly Blood
Moth Butterfly Light
Mouse Computer Pointer
Octopus Mollusc Ink
Opossum Marsupial Mouse
Owl Wisdom Bird
Oyster Clam Sex
Parrot Echo Bird
Peacock Rainbow Bird
Penguin Bird Ice
Pig Mammal Mud
Pigeon Car Excrements
Piranha Tooth Fish
Platypus Mammal Egg
Pointer Dog Arrow
Polar Bear Animal Tundra
Pterodactyl Bird Time Machine
Rabbit Animal Prairie
Raccoon Animal Chimney
Reindeer Animal Tundra
Reptile Animal Sun
Robin Bird Batman
Rooster Bird Alarm
Salamander Fire Reptile
Sand Dollar Sand Money
Scorpion Desert Insect
Seagull Bird Sea or Beach
Sheep Grass Animal
Snail Mollusc House
Snake Sand Reptile
Spider Animal Cavern or Desert
Starfish Star Fish
Sturgeon Caviar River
Swarm Insect Insect
Tasmanian Devil Rotation Opossum
Termite Wood Insect
Tiger Animal Rainforest
Toad Amphibian Slime
Tuna Sea Chicken
Turtle Egg Sand or Beach
Vulture Corpse Bird
Wasp Fly Sting
Whale Mammal Sea
Wolf Animal Jungle or Forest
Woodchuck Mole Wood
Woodpecker Bird Wood
Worm Animal Earth


Algae Primordial Soup Time
Banana Monkey Fruit
Branch Arm Tree
Blue agave Bat Flower
Cactus Tree Desert
Cellulose Wood Chipping Chemistry
Cereals Grass Agriculture
Clover Grass Ireland
Cocoa Rainforest Seed
Conifer Tree Needle
Cotton Tree Wool
Cultivated Land Agriculture Earth
Dandelion Tooth Lion
Fern Algae Earth
Ficus Plastic Tree
Flower Fern Insect
Fruit Flower Tree
Fungi Algae Earth
Garden Lawn Hedge
Grass Flower Moss
Greenhouse Building Fern
Hedge Shrub Wall
Lawn Grass House
Leaf Tree Wind
Maize Discovery of America Cereals
Moss Algae Earth
Nut Fruit Shell
Olive Peace Fruit
Onion Sphere Leaf
Orchard Fruit Forest
Palm Island Tree
Photosynthesis Algae Sun
Pod Whale Whale
Pomegranate Grenade Apple
Pumpkin Halloween Fruit
Rice Flood Agriculture
Rose Flower Thorn
Seed Fern Time or Insect or Wind
Shrub Dwarf Tree
Spinach Popeye Leaf
Straw Cereals Sun
Sugarcane Grass Heat
Sunflower Sun Flower
Thorn Flower Weapons
Tobacco Discovery of America Fruit
Tree Fern Time
Weed Dandelion Wind
Weeping Willow Tree Cry
Wood Tools Tree
Wood Chipping Wood Mill or Grindstone


Arson Fire Crime
Aurora Borealis Solar Flare Magnetism
Autumn Seasons Rain
Avalanche Explosion Mountain
Barbecue Meat Fire
Broke Eve Money
Christmas Tree Star
Concert Music Money
Day & Night Rotation Planet Earth
Decay Tooth Sugar
Declaration Bouquet Chocolate
Derby Feud Soccer
Disaster Sea Petroleum
Duel Sheriff Desperado
Earthquake Earth Movement
Eclipse Moon Sun
Eruption Volcano Explosion
Execution Gallows Court
Exorcism Holy Water Satan
Fight Fighter Jet Fighter Jet
Funeral Death Party
Halloween Autumn Scare
Happy Ending Cinderella or Snow White Prince
Happy Hour Slate Pub
Holdup Bank Thief
Holiday Calendar Party
Impact Meteor Planet Earth
Invasion Alien Planet Earth
Joust Knight Game
Lahar Mudslide Volcano
Landslide Boulder Gravity
Lynching Mob Gallows
Mafia Hit Cement Shoe
Marathon Running Infinity
Marriage Contract Love
Mudslide Mud Flood
Musical Hair Music
Never Pig Airplane
Oktoberfest Biergarten Autumn
Party Beach Fire
Possession Man Daemon
Probation Grass Possession
Prohibitionism Alcohol Law & Justice
Proposal Diamond Love
Pyroclastic Flow Wind Eruption
Quit Smoking Cigarette Scissors
Races Driver Game
Red Tide Explosion Algae
Rodeo Horse Arena
Sandstorm Storm Dust or Sand
Seasons Planet Earth Revolution
Shipwreck Ship Reef
Shopping Eve Money
Siege War Castle
Solstice Sun Stonehenge
Spring Seasons Flower
Summer Seasons Heat
Sunrise Sun Horizon
Sunset Sun Horizon
Tsunami Earthquake Ocean
War Army Army
Winter Seasons Snow
Winter Olympics Ski Resort Ice Rink


American Civil War North South
Aphrodite Genitals Sea
Argonauts Constellation Ship
Armageddon Hell Heaven
Asgard Bridge Rainbow
Atlantis Deeps Alien
Atlas Planet Earth Shoulder
Avalon King Arthur Island
Babylon Language Language
Bermuda Triangle Alien Ocean
Bronze Age Tin Copper Age
Carboneria Freemason Revolution
Centaur Man Horse
Chastity Belt Genitals Lock
Chinese Dragon Dragon Rice
Circe Odysseus Pig
Cold War H-Bomb H-Bomb
Conspiracy Theory Silence Alien
Copper Age Stone Age Metal
Crusade War Religion
Cupid Love Arrow
Cyclops Giant Eye
Daedalus Feather Wax
Devil's Message Counter clockwise Recording
Discovery of America Spices Navigation
Dragon Dinosaur Volcano
European Dragon Dragon Knight
Excalibur Sword Stone
Fairy Tooth Money
Fury Oath Hell
Gargoyle Castle Daemon
Giant Uranus Planet Earth
Golden Fleece Argonauts Harpy
Goliath Giant Sling
Gryphon Lion Eagle
Guy Fawkes Bonfire Doll
Harpy Bird Witch
Hekatonkheires Giant Arm
Helmet of Invisibility Cyclops Pluto
Hercules Warrior River Styx
Historically Right Wheel Log Sled
Icarus Feather Wax
Ice Age Ice Planet Earth
Industrial Age Engine Work
King Arthur King Excalibur
Lady of the Lake Excalibur Lake
Leprechaun Rainbow Pot of Gold
Love Potion Magic Potion Love
Magic Potion Druid Tea
Man on the Moon Moon Astronaut
Mars Star War
Medieval Felon Fire Branding Palm
Medusa Jelly Fish
Midas Gold King
Minotaur Bull Man
Narcissus Lake Reflection
Neptune Ocean King
Nessie Dinosaur Lake
Nero Roman Empire Fire
Odysseus Siren Bee
Pegasus Horse Air
Persephone Pomegranate Hell
Philosophers Stone Philosophy Stone
Phoenix Fire Bird
Pluto Star Dog
Pot of Gold Rainbow Planet Earth
Project Habakkuk Pykrete Ship
Prometheus Fire Theief
Quetzalcoatl Snake Eagle
Reformation Religion Revolution
River Styx Hell River
Roman Empire Romulus & Remus Murder
Romulus & Remus Wolf River
Rosetta Stone Stone Language
Siren Attraction Singing
Spanish Inquisition Inquisition Comedian
Stone Age Stone Ape
Terracotta Army Army Clay
Thor Thunder Hammer
Titan Moon Air
Tristan & Iseult Love Potion Sin
Uranus Chaos Planet Earth
Woodstock Mud Hippie
Zeus Thunder King


Alcatraz Island Jail
Amazon Piranha River
Area 51 Alien Desert
Australia Platypus Koala
Balcony Railing Window
Batcave Batman Cavern
Bikini H-Bomb Island
Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Forest
Buffet Table Sandwitch
California Sun Earthquake
Canada Lake Lake
Car Wash Bikini Wax
Castle King Building
Circus Bear Bicycle
City Building Building
Collosseum Roman Empire Arena
Dead Sea Sea Salt
Disneyland Mouse Castle
Eden Garden Heaven
Egypt Pyramids Desert
Far West Cowboy Indian
Feud Heirloom Court
Floor House Plank
Golf Course Lawn Hole
Great Wall Wall Infinity
Hawaii Volcano Island
Highlands Clan Mountain
Hollywood Star California
Hut Building Stone
Igloo Ice Brick
Ireland Leprechaun Island
Kansas Dust Wind
Labyrinth Daedalus Minotaur
Las Vegas Star Dust
Left Coriolis Effect South
Mariana Trench Deeps Deeps
Maze Wall Game
Mine Dynamite Mountain
Moulin Rouge Can Can
Mount Rushmore Sculpture Mountain
Niagara Falls Waterfall Canada
North Moss Tree
Old Faithful Geyser Time
Pacific Seismic Zone Circle Fire
Playboy Mansion Playmate Elder
Polaris North Star
Pompeii Eruption Roman Empire
Pyramids Pharaoh Grave
Right Coriolis Effect North
Ski Resort Snow Mountain
South Bird Winter
Stage Limelight Curtain
Stairs Floor Floor
Stonehenge Stone Astronomy
Tinto River River Rust
Tokyo Godzilla City
Town House House
Village Hut Hut
Venice Canal City
Woodhenge Wood Astronomy
Yard Lawn Fence
Your Favorite Best Place Heaven Earth
Your Favorite Worst Place Hell Earth


Arch Door Architecture
Arena Warrior Game
Bank Piggy Bank Building
Biergarten Beer Garden
Bridge River Wood
Brothel Building Prostitute
Burger King Fast Food King
Camping Tent Tent
Cemetery Grave Grave
Church Religion Building
City Gate Door City
College Discipline Education
Court Law & Justice Building
Crossroad Road Road
Discotheque Light Noise
Empire State Building Skyscraper King Kong
Escalator Stairs Movement
Factory Building Industrial Age
Ferris Wheel Wheel Fun
Fountain Water Pump Pool
Galloping Gertie Frequency Bridge
Hospital Building Sickness
House Building Man
Hydroelectric Power Plant Power Plant Dam
Ice Rink Lake Ice
Ikea MacDonald's Closet
Jail Police Thief
KFC Fast Food Colonel
Kindergarten Young Garden
Laboratory Building Chemistry
Landfill Trash Seagull
Library Book Building
Lighthouse Tower Sea
MacDonald's Fast Food Clown
Mall Shop Shop
Mausoleum Museum Grave
Morgue Corpse Refrigerator
Museum Building Time
Neighbor House Fence
Nuclear Power Plant Power Plant Atomic Energy
Observatory Building Astronomy
Padded Room Pillow Wall
Pavement Road Hell
Power Plant Generator Factory
Pub Dart Beer
Rotisserie Chicken Revolution
Scotland Yard Police Boardgame
Sewer Canal Excrements
Shop Building Merchant
Skyscraper House Air
Square Crossroads Fountain
Tower Babylon Building
Traffic Car Car
University Building Wisdom
Zoo Building Animal


Airsoft Compressed Air Weapons
Alarm Clock Work
Ashtray Glass Ash
Aspirin Weeping Willow Medicine
Astroturf Plastic Grass
Backpack Bag Mountain
Bed Straw Resting
Beer Goggles Glass Beer
Bell Clock Church
Bench Chair Road
Blanket Bed Cloth
Blowgun Tube Breathing
Boardgame Game Paperboard
Bouquet Flower Flower
Bowling Ball Ball Hole
Braces Dentist Metal
Catalogue Merchant Book
Chalkboard Slate School
Chimney Smoke Brick
Cloak Blanket Clothes
Cloth Thread & Yarn Machine
Clothes Cloth Man
Compact Disc Laser Recording
Cosmetics Colours Man
Couch Television Man
Counterfeit Money Printing Press Bill
Credit Card Plastic Money
Cuckoo Clock Bird Clock
Defective Robot Bug Robot
Deodorant Perfume Gas
Doll Toy Man
Eye-Patch Pirate Duel
Fan Wind Machine
Fishing Pole Thread & Yarn Hook
Fishtank Glass Fish
Flamethrower Blowtorch Weapons
Flashlight Battery Lightbulb
Frisbee Dish Air
Gatling Gun Revolver Modern Rifle
Grandfather Clock Clock Elder
Hat Head Clothes
H-Bomb Atomic Energy Hydrogen
Ingot Gold Brick
Jacuzzi Pool Geyser
Kaleidoscope Mirror Mirror
Kite Paper Wind
Lantern Thread & Yarn Petroleum
Laptop Battery Computer
Lava Lamp Lava LightBulb
Lighter Gas Plastic
Machine Gun Gatling Gun Machine
Mannequin Plastic Doll
Microwave Oven Radiation
Modern Rifle Percussion Gunpowder
Newspaper News Paper
Nunchuck Stick Chain
Old Rifle Gunpowder Flintlock
Paperweight Paper Stone
Perfume Alcohol Flower
Petri Dish Bacteria Glass
Phaser Photon Laser
Pillow Bed Head
Pipe Tobacco Wood
Play Dough Clay Colours
Pool Water Ceramic or Chlorine
Printer Ink Laser
Puppet Thread & Yarn Doll
Refrigerator Machine Ice or Cold
Revolver Bullet Revolution
Royal Dye Deep Purple Ink
Sheet Bed Cloth
Shoe Leather Thread & Yarn
Shopping List Magnet Refrigerator
Shower Man Water
Sling Rope Stone
Smartphone Telephone Internet
Snake Oil Quack Snake
Sport Shoes Rubber Thread & Yarn
Straitjacket Knot Clothes
Sunglasses Glasses Sun
Television Plasma Glass
Tent Night Sky Sleep
Time Bomb Time Dynamite
Tin Soldier Tin Warrior
Toilet Ceramic Excrements
Tyre Rubber Wheel
Umbrella Stick Rain
Underwear Loom Fruit
Vacuum Cleaner Dust Vacuum
Whip Leather Stick
Wig Hair Bald
hope this helped!😃]


Al Dente Pasta Tooth
Alcohol Sugar Yeast
Apple (Iphone) Toy Computer
Apple (Ipad) Calculator Van
Ascorbic Acid Scurvy Lime
Bacon Pig Salt
Beer Cereals Yeast
Bread Dough Yeast
Breakfast Milk Cereals
Cake Flour Egg
Candy Sugar Colours
Cappuccino Coffee Cream
Caramel Fire Sugar
Carbonara Pasta Egg
Carrot Fruit Earth
Caviar Fish Egg
Cheese Cream Bacteria
Chocolate Cocoa Milk
Cocktail Glass Umbrella
Coconut Palm Fruit or Seed
Coffee Spark Seed
Cooking Oil Pressure Sunflower
Cream Milk Movement
Distillate Alcohol Fire
Dough Flour Water
Doughnut Dough Police
Draught Beer Gas Beer
Easter Egg Chocolate Egg
Fast Food Running Hamburger
Flour Mill Cereals
French Fries Cooking Oil Potato
Fruit Juice Fruit Pressure
Gingerbread Honey Spices
Grilled Fish Fish Barbecue
Grilled Pork Pig Barbecue
Hamburger Meat Pressure
Honey Hive Bee
Icecream Milk Ice
Jelly Glue Fish
Ketchup Tomato Vinegar
Lollipop Stick Candy
Lutefisk Fish Lye
Macedonia Salad Fruit Explosion
Marmalade Fruit Sugar
Mayonnaise Egg Movement
Mead Yeast Honey
Meat Cow Knife
Milk Cow Coconut
Olive Oil Olive Pressure
Omelette Scrambled Eggs Spices
Pasta Dough Egg
Pina Colada Coconut Pineapple
Pineapple Fruit Grenade
Pop Corn Maize Heat
Potato Fruit Earth
Ragu Bolognese Soffritto Meat
Rum Sailor Alcohol
Salt Sea Heat
Sandwich Toast Toast
Sangria Fruit Wine
Scrambled Eggs Egg Fire
Skittles Rainbow Pellet
Soda Carbon Dioxide Sugar
Soffritto Olive Oil Onion
Spaghetti Thread & Yarn Pasta
Sparkling Water Water Gas
Spices Fire Seed
Sugar Sugarcane Tools
Surf'N'Turf Grilled Fish Meat
Sushi Rice Fish
Tea Leaf Water
Tequila Desperado Alcohol
Toast Bread Square
Toffee Caramel Cream
Tomato Discovery of America Fruit
Truffle Pig Fungi
Vinegar Wine Time
Vodka Alcohol Potato
Whiskey Cowboy Alcohol
Wine Fruit Yeast
Yeast Fungi Fruit
Yoghurt Milk Bacteria


Airplane Car Air
Ambulance ecnalubmA Rear View Mirror
Avenue Road Tree
Bicycle Wheel Wheel
Boat Plank Sea
Campervan House Car
Car Engine Cart
Caravan Camel Camel
Cart Wheel Horse
Catalytic Converter Platinum Engine
Chariot Cart Roman Empire
Circuit Infinity Road
Ferrari Car Horse
Ferry Ship Car
Fighter Jet Airplane Weapons
Green Car Car Hydrogen
Highway Road Toll
Hot Air Balloon Heat Chair
Hybrid Car Electricity
Limo Car Couch
Maglev Railroad Magnetism
Motorbike Bicycle Engine
Noah's Ark Zoo Flood
Oar Boat Stick
Paddleboat Steamboat River
Passport Travel Book
Pedalo Boat Bicycle
Promenade Avenue Man
Railroad Metal Road
Rear View Mirror Car Mirror
Road Wheel Horse
Rocket Airplane Space
Rollercoaster Railroad Gravity
Roman Road Road Stone
Roundabout Circle Road
Runway Airplane Road
Sail Boat Cloth
Scenic Route Landscape Road
Ship Boat Metal
Shuttle Rocket Man
Sidecar Motorbike Chair
Skateboard Surfboard Wheel
Sled Chair Snow
Snowboard Surfboard Snow
Steamboat Steam Engine Boat
Street Road House
Submarine Ship Deeps
Surfboard Wave Plank
Tandem Bicycle Bicycle
Tank Car Armour
Titanic Ship Iceberg
Toll Bridge Money
Tractor Car Agriculture
Travel Bag Movement
Tricycle Bicycle Wheel
Trike Motorbike Wheel
Tube Tunnel Railroad
Tunnel Road Mountain
Ufo Airplane Alien
Van Hippie Car
Windsurf Surfboard Wind
Zeppelin Ship Helium


AC/DC Highway Hell
Age Old Debate Chicken Egg
Alchemic Phone 7 Alchemist Game
All in the Same Boat Luck Boat
All That Glisters Is Not Gold Merchant Venice
Angry Birds Bird Sling
Arm &Leg Apple Money
Barrel of Monkeys Barrel Monkey
Bat Out of Hell Bat Hell
Beaker Test Tube Puppet
Best Movie Scene Ever Werewolf Frankenstein
B-Horror Movie Vampire Zombie
Bifocals Glasses Glasses
Big Bang Theory Big Bang Nerd
Big Foot Forest Missing Link
Big Wednesday Dude Tsunami
Bubble Bobble Dragon Bubble
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Carrot
Bull's Eye Bull Dart
Chemically Right Gunpowder Charcoal Potassium
Close, But No Cigar Neighbor Quit Smoking
Cluedo Boardgame Murder
Cold Mathematician Frostbite Abacus
Cow Tipping Fun Cow
Crop Circles Alien Cultivated Land
Dangerous Life Running Scissors
David Bowie Man Star
Death Star Moon Laser
Deep Purple Smoke Water
Defenders of the Crown Joust Computer
Disco Inferno Discotheque Hell
Donkey Kong Barrel Ape
Doom Hell Time
Doomsday Clock Armageddon Clock
Double Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
Easy Barrel Fish
ecnalubmA Doctor Car
Frogger Game Traffic
Fruit Themed Toyphone (Not in iPad) Toy Smartphone
Gazoo Alien The Flintstones
Godzilla Reptile Radioactivity
Goldrake Robot Rocket
Hangman Gallows Game
High Noon Sheriff Desperado
Hole Void Circle
Io Volcano Moon
Iron Maiden Heavy Metal Torture
Japanese Sci-Fi Godzilla King Kong
Land of Oz Rainbow Tornado
Lego Plastic Brick
Liger Tiger Lion
Light Pollution Light Pollution
Lightsaber Laser Sword
Luau Bonfire Pig
Metallica Heavy Metal Puppet
Mamma Mia ! Pasta Ragu Bolognese
Mind Control Tinfoil Hat
Missing Link Ape Man
Missionary Soup Cauldron Cannibalism
Monopoly Capitalism Game
Mr. Dude Time Dude
MTV Music Television
Musician Like Colours Pink Floyd Deep Purple
Paved With Good Intentions Road Hell
Piece of Cake Easy Cake
Piggy Bank Pig Ceramic
Piiiigs in Spaaacee Pig Space
Pink Floyd Darkness Moon
Planet of the Apes Ape Planet Earth
Play Possum Death Opossum
Poker Cards Betting
Pulling Your Leg Fun Leg
Purgatory Torture Sin
Radioactive Bug Insect Alchemy Phone 7
Raining Cats and Dogs Deluge Dog or Cat
Rise And Shine Glow Sunrise
Rolling Stones Stone Revolution
Rose and Crown Pub Rose Crown
Roomba Robot Broom
Sexy Shop Game Sex
Shooting a Fish in a Barrel Barrel Fish
Sick As A Dog Sickness Dog
Silent But Deadly Fart Silence
Skipping Stone Stone Pond
Soap Opera Attraction Repulsion
Sonic Youth Larsen Effect Young
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun
Space Invaders Pixel Ufo
Spiderpig Pig Spiderman
Squash Ball Wall
Stand By Me River Phoenix
Statue of Liberty Freedom Sculpture
Summer Swimsuit Test Fat Running
TARDIS Alien Time Machine
Thunderbolt Cyklops Zeus
The Steadfast Tin Soldier Tin Soldier Ballet
Til The Cows Come Home Cow Infinity
Tommy Gun Violin Mafia Hit
Toy Story Astronaut Cowboy
Two Heads Are Better Than One Head Head
UH-OH ! Graffiti Police
Under the Weather Weather Forecast Sickness
Urban Myth Echo Duck
Wabbit Season ! Bugs Bunny Seasons
Walk The Plank Pirate Plank
Water Proof Matches Match Wax
When Hell Freezes Over! Hell Ice
When Pigs Fly Pig Airplane
White Colours Bleach
White Christmas Chistmas Snow
Whittle Your Time Away Stick Knife
Yahoo Gulliver's Travels Horse
Yeti Snowman Ape
You're Holding It (Seems Only on iPad) Apple Smartphone
Your Position GPS Smartphone
Zamboni Machine Machine Ice Rink